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StormVue NGX logo. Product specifications. Extend your live NexStorm lightning data to the web! With the real-time capability of StormVue NGX you can do just. StormVue NGX is an Adobe Flash application. It can run hosted in a web browser or stand-alone on a PC with Flash player installed. Because of its vector based. The StormVue NGX suite consists of three applications; The NGX Data server for Windows desktop, StormVue NGX data viewer and StormStation 5 NGX data.

StormVue NGX by Astrogenic. Adobe Flash Lightning Display for the NexStorm software by Astrogenic. StormVue NGX by Astrogenic. StormVue NGX. Features . Microsferics Time of Difference of Arrival Display. The TOdA (Time Of difference of Arrival) system is a network based lightning triangulation. Live storm data from Newport, Isle of Wight recorded in real time with a Boltek PCI lightning detector and Astrogenic Systems StormVue

StormVue NG is a Flash applet. Android Phones no longer support Flash. Click on the blue question mark in the lower left corner to view user help. StormVue. StormVue is no longer supported by NexStorm due to security issues with Java. StormVue is due to be phased out and eventually no longer offered.

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