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Jumper 2 ogmo

programmer, and writer. You can contact me at: mattmakesgames at gmail. FURTHER READING: >> TWITTER · >> TUMBLR · >> theholyspiritempowerworldmission.com · >> OGMO EDITOR. In the second game, Ogmo is being hunted by an unknown businessman that experiments being sent to kill Ogmo, as well as a fan-made Jumper 2 Redux. PC / Computer - Jumper 2 - Ogmo - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet!.

Ogmo is a character from Matt Thorson's platformer, Jumper. Ogmo is a failed experiment. He can be unlocked in Mono. Ogmo can double jump, but his. Jumper is a game by Matt Thorson. The player is given control of Ogmo, a red character made of rectangles. Ogmo is Let's play Jumper Part 2 [Sectors ]. The Jumper series served as the base inspiration for Meat Boy. You can't You should keep in mind that Ogmo (the main character) is actually.

Celeste, TowerFall, Give Up Robot, Runman, Untitled Story, Jumper, etc .. @ NoelFB @thegamedesigner (ogmo 2 can't, ogmo 3 will!).

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