Valve source particle benchmark download

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Valve source particle benchmark

Source Particle Benchmark Release date Genre Benchmark, Valve. The Source Particle Benchmark, also known as the Multicore CPU Particle. 24 Mar - 6 min - Uploaded by XJR This video demonstrates the maps "particle_benchmark" and "demo_blob". Both maps were. It's safe to say that one of Valve's next innovation would be AI, especially that GabeN mentioned about "machine learning". the npc_surface.

Source: Games/PC/Half-Life 2 - Episode 2 (Particle Simulator. VALVe's Map Compilation Benchmark essentially goes through a series of steps that create the lighting, the surfaces, the leaves, the edges, and everything else. The Source Particle Benchmark is a special build of the Source Engine made for testing the performance of some of it's new and old features. These features.

Particle Benchmark (New -Animation- Version, +HD Video) Particle the program "particle benchmark" is NOOT equal to "valve: source. Since Left 4 Dead, Source's system has also covered fullscreen This allows for each particle effect to be as simple or as complex as needed. Valve Multithreaded Source Engine. There are several interesting things we get from the particle simulation benchmark. First, it scales almost.

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